Call For Papers

ISS 2021: Architecture and Technology
Call For Paper
Dear Researchers,
Technology is defined as “the equipment, developed for the aim of controlling and changing human’s material environment, and the all information related to them”.* Nowadays, while technology is transforming architectural design into tangible, at the same time it determines the possibilities of architecture. Given that human needs are at the heart of the design action, technology also affects the transformation of cultural and social values.
A number of questions come to mind at this point: Is unmanned technology possible in the design process? Does the technology determine the design, or does the design determine the technology? Is technology the keystone of architecture, is it ‘a must’? Can we reject the contribution of technology in the twenty-first century?
We meet at "The XII. International Sinan Symposium" in the frame of the theme of “ARCHITECTURE and TECHNOLOGY” with an interdisciplinary perspective. In order to discuss on the axis of social components the effects of technology in the field of design, building production, conservation, and urban and landscape scales, we call for papers under the following headings:
1. Design and Technology
2. Building and Technology
3. Conservation and Technology
4. City and Technology
5. Environment, Energy and Technology
6. Social Interaction and Technology

Note 1: Patent studies are expected to be submitted by the right holder and/or patent attorney**; other than these it is expected to focus on the research results

The Symposium is held by the Faculty of Architecture of Trakya University in Edirne, Turkey
Symposium Date: 08 - 09 April 2021
Abstract Deadline: 1 May 2020

Symposium Website:
* TDK, 2011, Turkish Dictionary, Ankara High Institution of Culture, Language and History, Turkish Language Instituion Press, p.2307, Ankara.
** Trademark agent: Persons representing rights holders on behalf of the organization in matters relating to brand, design and geographical indication and traditional product names, Patent attorney: Persons representing rights holders on behalf of the organization in matters relating to patent, utility model and design rights. (Industrial Property Law No. 6769 published in the Official Gazette dated 10.01.2017 and numbered 29944)

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